Virtual Information & Planroom

Vipr, provides a safe and secure Web-based service to store, retrieve, organize, print, track and distribute your project documents. It’s referred to as an online plan room, an online reprographic and imaging service and a online document management service. Collectively, we refer to these components as “Electronic Document Management Tools” developed specifically for our Design /Construction/Development clients.

Our Imaging Team believes that the expertise of your Imaging Specialists and a suite of powerful database-driven tools will provide for your successful approach to a productive online plan room. Vipr removes the difficult and time-consuming tasks of managing a project from beginning to end. We have built Vipr to accomplish several key objectives for our Imaging and Reprographic customers using our powerful Web based services:

  • Provide secure and easy access to Plans and Specifications
  • An easy way to distribute the printed documents on-time or ahead of schedule
  • Increased organization over the hundreds or thousands of project plans on a typical construction project
  • Shorten project schedules
  • Remove redundant and time-consuming tasks involved in document control.

Since 1919 Gardens Reprographics has provided a long term commitment to Quality, Support and Value to Our Design-Construction and Development customers. For over 95 years we have continued to bring the latest in Products, Services and Technologies to our customers. Unlike other Imaging and Reprographic firms in the area we once again feel it is important to not hide these services from our customers, as an “INDUSTRY LEADER” we Introduce our Plan Room Solution.

We have several Planrooms available. See our Planroom Access page to enter a Planroom. Our Planrooms are secure. You can sign up and gain immediate access. If you need help to access our Planrooms, please contact us at